ThreatRate Reports December 2018
US 2018 Crime Rates Expected to Drop
There has been much discussion in the United States about concerns around crime increasing. Indeed, unlike in previous election cycles, the 2016 general election featured one candidate – now President Trump – campaign on an anti-crime agenda that would have been more at home during the campaigns of Richard Nixon. Much of the concern is driven by the ability of 24-hour news cycles and social media to amplify coverage and to – through instant notifications to mobile devices – inundate individuals with content. Often this content that is pushed to consumers is the same or similar but simply from different sources syndicating from the same source(s). In the area of crime reporting this can, for many, create the impression that crime is out of control and that individuals are substantially less safe than they were years ago. This, however, is not true. Especially when compared to the late 1980s and 1990s the average American – especially those in large cities such New York and Los Angeles – are substantially safer now than they were during those periods.