• Nigeria, November 06, 2017

    Britain's Foreign Office announced that one of the four British nationals kidnapped last month has died while the three others released after negotiations. The four were taken hostage three weeks earlier. Though the Foreign Office declined to comment on the circumstances of the hostage death, several media outlets reported that a source in Nigeria said that he had succumbed to a fatal asthma attack as he was unable to access medication while being held by the gang, in a swamp area rife with malaria and other diseases. However, following their release hostages David and Shirley Donovan told reporters that he was killed the morning after they were abducted by one of their kidnappers after he tryied to cheer his fellow hostages by playing his guitar. The kidnappers reportedly dropped three surviving missionaries off at a village in Bayelsa State and told them they were freed as ransom had been paid. (reuters.com, 6 November 2017 & telegraph.co.uk, 6 November 2017 & telegraph.co.uk, 24 November 2017 )

  • Nigeria, October 13, 2017

    According to Delta state police spokesman, four British missionaries who run a charity called New Foundations were kidnapped at around 2.a.m. from the rural Enukorowa community in the Burutu Local Government Area of the southern state. The four, including a doctor David Donovan (57) and his wife Shirley (57), and the two others identified as Alanna Carson (23) and optician Ian Squire (57) operated a series of clinics in the southern state for the past 14 years. Their kidnappers, suspected to be members of the Karowei militia, known for their kidnapping for ransoms operations, took them deep into the creek where they are likely being held. (theguardian.com, 18 October 2017 & dailymail.co.uk, 18 October 2017 & telegraph.co.uk, 19 October 2017)