• Pakistan, July 12, 2018

    Islamabad police recovered a businessman, Saad Awan, who had been kidnapped from his auto showroom in Rawat on 12 July by over a dozen men who had arrived in two SUVs. The victim’s brother told the police that shortly after the kidnapping, he received a call from an unidentified number and his brother told him he was being held hostage and asked the family to arrange Rs 2 million and deliver it to a location which would be disclosed later. The victim’s family contacted the Sihala police and filled a report. The family told investigators that they suspected business rivals who have already been implicated in another case lodged against them by the victim in 2017. Police arrested two suspects and registered a case of kidnapping against 10-12 other unidentified men who participated in the kidnapping. On 15 July, the police managed to locate and rescue the victim after launching multiple raids. (tribune.com.pk, 16 July 2018)