• United States, October 17, 2017

    A St. Louis County, Missouri woman, Nancy McGowan, fell victim to a “virtual kidnapping” after she received a call and heard a woman screaming, that sounded like her college-age daughter. The unidentified caller told her he got her daughter and demanded a ransom in return for her release. The woman who knew her that her daughter had taken a trip with friends to Gulf Shores, Alabama, got scared when the caller threatened to cut off her daughter’s body parts. While the caller kept her on the phone, she drove to two stores in south St. Louis where she wired him $4800. Shortly before wiring an additional $5,000 from a bank, she received a text from her older daughter saying her sister was safe and told her to hang up as the call was a scam. (stltoday.com, 20 October 2017)