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  • Libya, June 22, 2018

    The U.N.-backed Libyan government announced the release of three Turkish engineers who were kidnapped in November 2017 in the southern town of Ubari. An unknown armed group kidnapped four engineers, three from Turkey and one from South Africa. The engineers were working for the Turkish company Enka on a 640 MW power plant in Ubari deep in the country’s south. The fate of the South African is not known. The three Turkish engineers would be flown back to Turkey via Tripoli. Kidnapping is rife in Libya, especially in the lawless south. Work at the Ubari plant has been going on for years and was in the final stages when the kidnapping happened. A week after the four engineers were kidnapped the firm evacuated 93 of its staff from Libya and work on the power plant has stopped since than. (, 23 June 2018)

  • Libya, November 03, 2017

    At around 11:30 a.m. local time, a group of unknown gunmen kidnapped four workers from a gas power plant in the southern Libyan city of Ubari located about 1100 km/ 688 mils south of the capital Tripoli. The hostages include three Turks and a South African were kidnapped as they arrived at the state-owned Libyan General Electricity Company power plant from the local airport. According to an unnamed  security source at the Ubari Security Directorate two engineers of the Turkish company Enca Technik and a German expert from Siemens, were kidnapped by gunmen in two civilian cars intercepted them at the plant gate and took them to an unknown location. The source added that the motive behind the kidnapping was likely for ransom. (, 4 November 2017)