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  • Yemen, September 25, 2017

    An American oil worker, Danny Lavone Burch (63) was intercepted and kidnapped by unidentified gunmen on a busy street in the capital, San’a after he dropped off his sons at a sport club. Burch, who converted to Islam and is married to a Yemeni woman, had spent years in the country working an engineer at the state oil company Safer. According to his wife the police later told her that witnesses said that five armed men in civilian clothes who drove a pickup truck with no license plates had abducted him. Two of the kidnappers parked his car on a side street, where she later found it. Though some media reports stated that the Houthis rebels who control the capital were behind his abduction, his wife said she did not know the kidnappers identities. The United States’ State Department has warned American citizens against traveling to Yemen due to the civil war. Rebel groups in San’a have systematically detained U.S. citizens. The Houthi movement released a statement on their controlled state news agency SABA dening kidnapping Burch and said that unknown gunmen had kidnapped him. (, 25 September 2017 &, 25 September 2017 &, 28 September 2017)