• Kenya, July 03, 2018

    Police in Homa Bay, on the south shore of Winam Gulf of Lake Victoria, are investigating the kidnapping of a 10-year-old, Shedrick Otieno, son of construction contractor on July 3. Two men kidnapped the boy at around 6 a.m. as he waited for their school bus at Stage Miwa on the Homa Bay- Kendu Bay Road. The two forced the boy into a vehicle and sped away to an unknown destination. The kidnappers later called the boy’s father demanding a ransom of Sh10 million and threatened to kill his son if he failed to comply their demands. The boy’s father told investigators that his son was specifically targeted as the kidnappers called him by his name and added that he believe that the kidnapping was connected to his wedding on June 30, which was attended by some dignitaries and who ever organized the kidnapping thought that he received a lot of money in the envelopes, which mostly contained congratulatory cards. (the-star.co.ke, 5 July 2018 & standardmedia.co.ke, 6 July 2018)