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Through our global network of experts, consultants, and partners, we can arrange security audits of your facilities, analyzing critical assets and vulnerabilities, conducting location-specific threat analyses, and then combing the findings into one report suggesting cost-efficient modifications to improve both your bottom line and your overall security to ensure business continuity.

Throughout the security assessment process, our experts are sensitive to the need to balance effective security measures with the necessity of an efficient and productive work and visitor environment.

ThreatRate experts will help to develop your company:

  • Incident response objectives
  • Threat reporting procedures
  • Evacuation policies and procedures
  • Threat management team roles and responsibilities
  • Facility emergency call lists
  • Safety/security manuals outlining building profiles, floor plans, and safety procedures
  • Training procedures for personal safety awareness


The ThreatRate Travel Safety & Security Training Course is custom-designed to fit the needs of the client, from corporate business travelers to high net-worth families traveling internationally. The course exposes the audience to various behavioral preventative methods that can be adopted to mitigate potential threats, including kidnapping, wrongful detention, harassment, and terrorism. We can adapt the course to meet the needs of new to seasoned travelers, or it can be designed as a ‘train-the-trainer’ course for security managers to pass on to their employers


This seminar is designed to meet the specific needs of law enforcement, corporate security personnel and property managers who deal directly and immediately with security issues on a daily basis.

The seminar is based on the knowledge of ThreatRate’s resident staff experts who have hands-on experiences fighting the global war on terrorism. Our experts achieved first-hand knowledge living in the Middle East, working in counterterrorism and intelligence forces, and providing physical security to Israeli government interests worldwide.

The audience will be given intelligence on the suicide terrorism phenomenon, its development, its historical past, and the methodology it has used to spread around the world – and especially against Western countries such as the United States.

We believe this seminar will change lives and business security concepts. The war on terrorism will be fought in a proactive manner rather than simply reacting to a crisis brought on by the deadly force of the suicide bomber. Methods, actions and understanding the “human factor” -- the mindset of the suicide bomber--will help you manage the war on terror.


As a critical part of today's global infrastructure, the aviation industry has become the most commonly used transportation method for traveling between distant cities, countries and continents for both usiness and leisure.

Being an important tool in our daily lives, aviation interests have been targeted for decades by terrorists, using methods as varied as hijackings, bombings and missile attacks on aircraft and airports. Attacks on civil aviation interests damages public confidence, economic stability, political willpower and overall sense of security, while providing the terrorists with extensive media coverage.

On top of the security concerns, recent air disasters have brought to light the differences between the airlines maintenance qualities, aircraft ages and pilot training employed by carriers worldwide.

Why put your employees or family at risk? ThreatRate Aviation Security specialists can provide detailed briefings and safety/security analyses of airlines throughout the globe. Our reports include key information such as fleet composition, safety and security histories, and training and maintenance data. These reports will help you to determine whether to use the carrier, or search for another alternative.